I don’t like it 2.0


I am being prolific these days. Lots of spare time and lots of bored Mae results in lots of exhibitionism. Enjoy!!

16) Waking up with a headache. Mornings are hard enough, yet alone combined with the aftereffects of having your head run over by a tractor.

17) Feeling guilty and not being able to do much about it.

18) Being hungry and no good food, only scraps and that dusty microwave meal that will definitely clog up the last bit of open space in your aorta and cause an imminent heart attack, being left in the house.

19) Finding out that someone attractive, with whom you’re getting on very well and have already pictured yourself travelling the world and starting a family with in a 10 second daydream collage, is already in a relationship.

20) Stubbing my toe, especially my little one, OH GOD THE NAUSEA.

21) Knowing people think something about you that isn’t true.

22) Knowing I have willingly allowed myself to be ripped off.

23) Having 20p to my name.

24) Really wanting to sleep but not being able to. A-tossin’ and a-turnin’ we go.

25) Having something in my eye, like an eyelash, and noticing it just as I’m about to fall asleep and therefore being far too tired to remove it effectively but then feeling it scratching against my retina every time my eyes begin to droop, preventing me from fully relaxing.

26) Knowing I have pushed someone away to the extent where a jar of Nutella will not fix it.

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